Peugeot 306

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Peugeot 306 Chip Tuning Remaps

Browse our Peugeot 306 ECU Remaps and Peugeot 306 Engine Tuning Products & Offers below.

All BHP UK Peugeot 306 Tuning products are built to provide Increases in BHP, Torque & Drivability. We also offer Economy Remapping designed to tune your Peugeot 306 Engine for improved Economy and additional savings with reduced fuel costs. Our Balanced remaps are available to give you the best of both worlds and offer your Peugeot 306 increased Power and Torque as well as savings with Improved Fuel Economy.

Please Note: Economy & Balanced maps are only available on certain Engine Types, for further information feel free to contact us and speak to a BHP UK technician for free no-obligation tuning advice about your Peugeot 306 remap requirements.

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Available Peugeot 306 Remaps